KINSIM/FITSIM Release Announcement

New and improved pc versions of KINSIM and FITSIM have been released Thurs, April 3, 1997. These supersede the version released on March 20, 1997 and corrects some display bugs in the fitsim program. You can download the compressed file from this page ( by clicking Here. This file is approximately 0.5 Mbytes, contains both KINSIM and FITSIM , and is a self-extracting executable file. After downloading into a folder, double click on the file and run the install program. Data files and the programs should all be in the same folder.

This is a reminder that these are pc programs and can run under Win 3.x, Win 95, Win NT, OS/2 or Dos. Source files are available.

The new version will handle mechanisms with up to 100 species and 100 reaction steps and include other improvements such as allowing global fitting following multiple species. There is also a universal data conversion program to convert ASCII files to the format required for these programs. It is no longer necessary that there be data with evenly spaced time points. The new version will also allow viewing of up to 20 data sets simultaneously in KINSIM. There is a short help file to aid you in setting up and running these programs. For complete documentation, please click on the program name KINSIM or FITSIM .

All the programs are freely available to all but should you use these programs in any published material, please reference the original papers.


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