Linda Kurz, Ph.D.

Linda Kurz
Research Professor Emeritus

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Publications (PubMed / NIH)

Office: 211 McDonnell Science Building
Phone: 314-362-0261
Email: lckurz(at)


Macromolecular Interactions and Molecular Recognition


  • Kurz, L.C., Constantine, C.Z., Jiang, H. and Kappock, T.J.
    The partial substrate dethiaacetyl-coenzyme A mimics all critical carbon acid reactions in the condensation half-reaction catalyzed by Thermoplasma acidophilum citrate synthase.
    Biochemistry 48:7878-7891 (2009). (Abstract)

  • Kurz, L.C., Fite, B., Jean, J., Park, J., Erpelding, T. and Callis, P.
    Photophysics of tryptophan fluorescence: link with the catalytic strategy of the citrate synthase from Thermoplasma acidophilum.
    Biochem 44:1394-1413 (2005). (Abstract)

  • Kurz, L.C., Drysdale, G., Riley, M., Tomar, M.A., Chen, J., Russell, R.J.M. and Danson, M.J.
    Kinetics and mechanism of the citrate synthase from the thermophilic archaeon Thermoplasma acidophilum.
    Biochemistry 39:2283-2296 (2000). (Abstract)

  • Gu, Z., Drueckhammer, D.G., Kurz, L., Liu, K., Martin, D.P., and McDermott, A.
    Solid state NMR studies of hydrogen bonding in a citrate synthase inhibitor complex.
    Biochemistry 38:8022-8031 (1999). (Abstract)

  • Deng H., Kurz L.C., Rudolph F.B. and Callender R.
    Characterization of hydrogen bonding in the complex of adenosine deaminase with a transition state analogue: a Raman spectroscopic study.
    Biochemistry 37:4968-4976 (1998). (Abstract)