F. Scott Mathews, Ph.D.

Scott Mathews
Professor Emeritus

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Publications (PubMed / NIH)

Office: 2617 Cancer Research Building

Email: mathews22@wustl.edu



X-ray structure and analysis of macromolecules


  • Chen, Z.W., Vignaud, C., Jaafar, A., Levy, B., Gueritte, F., Guenard, D., Lederer, F. and Mathews, F.S.
    High resolution crystal structure of rat long chain hydroxy acid oxidase in complex with the inhibitor 4-carboxy-5-[(4-chlorophenyl)sulfanyl]-1, 2, 3-thiadiazole. Implications for inhibitor specificity and drug design.
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  • Li, J., Gan, J.H., Mathews, F.S. and Xia, Z.X.
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  • Choi, M., Sukumar, N., Mathews, F.S., Liu, A. and Davidson, V.L.
    Proline 96 of the copper ligand loop of amicyanin regulates electron transfer from methylamine dehydrogenase by positioning other residues at the protein-protein interface.
    Biochemistry 50:1265-1273 (2011). (Abstract)

  • Niu, W., Shu, Q., Chen, Z., Mathews, F.S., Di Cera, E. and Frieden, C.
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  • Chen, Z., Datta, S., Dubois, J.L., Klinman, J.P. and Mathews, F.S.
    Mutation at a strictly conserved, active site tyrosine in the copper amine oxidase leads to uncontrolled oxygenase activity.
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  • Jorns, M.S., Chen, Z.W. and Mathews, F.S.
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  • Sukumar N., Mathews F.S., Langan P., and Davidson V.L.
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  • Sukumar, N., Mathews, F.S., Gordon, M.M., Ealik, S.E. and Alpers, D.H.
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