Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

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Office: 212A McDonnell Sciences Building
Phone: 314-362-3351
Email: barneswm(at)wustl.edu


PCR methods; plant genetic engineering for insect or virus resistance

molecular model

Select Publications

Wu, E.Y., Walsh, A.R., Materne, E.C., Hiltner, E.P., Zielinski, B., Miller, B.R. 3rd, Mawby, L., Modeste, E., Parish, C.A. Barnes, W.M. and Kermekchiev, M.B.
A conservative isoleucine to leucine mutation causes major rearrangements and cold sensitivity in KlenTaq1 DNA polymerase.
Biochemistry 54:881-889 (2015). (Abstract)

Zhang, Z., Kermekchiev, M.B. and Barnes, W.M.
Direct DNA amplification from crude clinical samples using a PCR enhancer cocktail and novel mutants of Taq.
J Mol Diagn. 12:152-161 (2010). (Abstract)

Kermekchiev, M.B., Kirilova, L.I., Vail, E.E. and Barnes, W.M.
Mutants of Taq DNA polymerase resistant to PCR inhibitors allow DNA amplification from whole blood and crude soil samples.
Nucleic Acids Res. 37:e40 (2009). (Abstract)

Ren C.P., Chaudhuri R.R., Fivian A., Bailey C.M., Antonio M., Barnes W.M., & Pallen M.J. (2004). “The ETT2 gene cluster, encoding a second type III secretion system from Escherichia coli, is present in the majority of strains but has undergone widespread mutational attrition. J Bacteriol. 2004 Jun;186(11):3547-60. (Abstract)