CBSE Graduate Student Scholar – Maxwell Zimmerman

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Maxwell Zimmerman, Computational & Molecular Biophysics student in the laboratory of Dr. Greg Bowman, has been selected as a 2016-2017 CBSE Graduate Student Scholar. Maxwell was recognized for the early promise he has shown in the development of novel sampling algorithms that are aiding feature-based sampling of high dimensional conformational spaces.

Maxwell has also been selected as a three year Monsanto Fellow which will allow him a unique opportunity to interact with Monsanto scientists in a variety of venues.

RNA Society News

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Congratulations to Dr. Kathleen Hall. She was chosen to be a board member of the RNA Society in the recent elections for president and members of the board for 2017-2018. Dr. Juan Valcarcel (Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain) was chosen as President. Other new board members include: Drs. Haruhiko Siomi (Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan) and Chris Smith (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom).

New Drug Development Center Created at Washington University


Michael S. Kinch and John A. Cooper, MD, PhD, professor and head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, will serve as co-directors of the new Center for Drug Discovery (CDD). The CDD will fill the void in developing drugs that have been abandoned due to market pressures. More…

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Research Awards
Dr. Weikai Li was selected to receive a new two year Grant in Aid Award from the American Heart Association for his research entitled "Mechanism of VKOR Function and Warfarin Inhibition".

Featured Publications
Li, W. Bringing Bioactive Compounds into Membranes: The UbiA Superfamily of Intramembrane Aromatic Prenyltransferases. Trends Biochem Sci (E-pub ahead of print.) (2016).