William Frazier’s lab is working on regulation of cellular phenotype by extracellular matrix.


2015 Biophysical Society Fellow

Tim Lohman

Congratulations to Timothy Lohman. Dr. Lohman is being honored for his pioneering biophysical studies of the mechanisms and energetics of protein-DNA interactions, including the enzymology and kinetic mechanisms of DNA helicases and translocases, and single stranded DNA binding proteins. The awards ceremony will be held at the Biophysical Society’s 59th Annual Meeting in February 2015.


Research Awards

Weikai Li has received a new five year grant award from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for his research entitled "Structural and Functional Basis of the Vitamin K Cycle".

Featured Publications

Edwards, M., Zwolak, A., Schafer, D.A., Sept, D., Dominguez, R. and Cooper, J.A. Capping Protein Regulations Fine-tune Actin Assembly Dynamics. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 15:677-689 (2014).