Peter Burgers’ lab is working on the biochemistry and genetics of yeast DNA replication and repair.


Sarem Hailemariam – Recipient of a NSF Predoctoral Fellowship

Sarem Hailemariam

Congratulations to Sarem Hailemariam. Sarem has been awarded a three-year predoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation, for her proposed studies of cell cycle checkpoint regulation in response to DNA double-stranded breaks. Sarem is a student in Peter Burgers’ lab.

Wei Cheng – 2014 Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Fellow

Wei Cheng

Congratulations to Wei Cheng. Wei has been selected as the 2014 Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Fellowship award recipient. The one year fellowship award is from the National Hemophilia Foundation for his research entitled “Understanding the interplay between electron transfer and VKOR supported blood coagulation”. He is in the laboratory of Weikai Li.


Research Awards

Peter Burgers has received a four year renewal grant award from the National Institute of General Medial Sciences for his research entitled "Kinase Activation in the DNA Damage Checkpoints".

Featured Publications

Park, E., Mènètret, J.F., Gumbart, J.C., Ludtke, S.J., Li, W., Whynot, A. Rapopoart, T.A. and Akey, C.W. Structure of the SecY Channel During Initiation of Protein Translocation. Nature 506:102-106 (2014).