2015 Sigma Fellowship Awarded

Fazio_N announce

Congratulations to Nicole Fazio for being selected for the 2015 Sigma Fellowship in memory of Dr. Gerty Cori. Nicole is a graduate student in the Computational and Molecular Biophysics program. She is doing her PhD thesis work in the lab of Timothy Lohman. The Sigma award provides funds for educational expenses.

Sigma Chemical Company created the fellowship in 1958 as a gift to the Department of Biological Chemistry (now Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) in memory of Dr. Gerty Cori. Dr. Cori and her husband, Dr. Carl Cori, performed research in the Department of Biological Chemistry. They won a Nobel Prize in 1947 for their discoveries of how glycogen is broken down and re-synthesized within the body. More.

Gary K. Ackers Fellow Named

brittany smith

Congratulations to Brittany Smith who has been named the 2015 Gary K. Ackers Fellow. Brittany is a first-year graduate student in the Computational and Molecular Biophysics program. She is currently doing a rotation in the lab of Dr. Greg Bowman. The Ackers Fellowship award provides funds for educational expenses.

The Ackers fellowship was funded by Dr. Paul Darling III, who studied in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences and graduated in 1999. Dr. Ackers served as the thesis advisor for Dr. Darling. More

Michael Greenberg joins Department

greenberg bb

The Department welcomes Dr. Michael Greenberg, who started as an Assistant Professor on August 1. The Greenberg lab focuses on the generation and transduction of forces by molecular motors, with an emphasis on human disease. The lab uses an array of biochemical, biophysical, and cell biological techniques to probe the function and regulation of these motors over a range of scales that extends from single molecules to tissues. Currently, the lab is studying the molecular basis of heart failure.

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Research Awards
Weikai Li was selected to receive a new two year Grant in Aid Award from the American Heart Association for his research entitled "Mechanism of VKOR Function and Warfarin Inhibition".

Featured Publications
Zhang, C., Myers, C.A., Qi, Z., Mitra, R.D., Corbo, J.C. and Havranek, J.J. Redesign of the Monomer-Monomer Interface of Cre Recombinase Yields an Obligate Heterotetrameric Complex. Nucleic Acids Res (E-pub ahead of print.) (2015).