Garland Marshall’s lab is working on molecular recognition – the basis of intermolecular interactions and specificity seen in drug and hormone receptors, antigen-antibody and substrate-enzyme systems.


Sigma-Aldrich Fellows

Sigma Fellows

(From left to right: Josh Rackers, Mariah Lawler, Ted Christensen, Melanie Sparks and John Robinson. Not present: Jay Rammohan.)

Sigma Fellows Ted Christensen (2014), Melanie Sparks (2013), Josh Rackers (2013), Mariah Lawler (2012), John Robinson (2011) and Jay Rammohan (2010) were recently honored…more..

Two WUSM Students Awarded the David F. Silbert Summer Fellowship

Diane AumJames Zou

Congratulations to Diane Aum and James Zou. They were selected as David F. Silbert Summer Fellows. Diane did her research in Dr. Albert H. Kim’s lab and James Zou did his research in Dr. Marco Colonna’s lab. More….


Research Awards

Peter Burgers along with Amir Aharoni, PhD at Ben Gurion University has received a two year grant award from the U.S.-Israel Bination Science Foundation for for his research entitled "Switching of DNA Polymerases on the PCNA Ring During DNA Damage Response".

Featured Publications

Lin, Y., Manning, P.T., Jia, J., Gaut, J.P., Xiao, Z., Capoccia, B.J., Chen, C.C., Hiebsch, R.R., Upadhya, G., Mohanakumar, T., Frazier, W.A., and Chapman, W.C. CD47 Blockade Reduces Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury and Improves Outcomes in a Rat Kidney Transplant Model. Transplantation (E-pub ahead of print.) (2014).