2015 Biophysical Society Fellow and Distinguished Faculty at WUSM

Tim LohmanCongratulations to Timothy Lohman. Dr. Lohman is being honored for his pioneering biophysical studies of the mechanisms and energetics of protein-DNA interactions, including the enzymology and kinetic mechanisms of DNA helicases and translocases, and single stranded DNA binding proteins. The awards ceremony was held at the Biophysical Society’s 59th Annual Meeting in February 2015.

Timothy Lohman was also selected as a Distinguished Faculty Member at Washington University School of Medicine. The awards ceremony was held on February 18, 2015. A YouTube of the presentation can be found here.


Academic Women’s Network Gala

The Academic Women’s Network (AWN) at Washington University School of Medicine recently celebrated 25 years with a special gala held at the St. Louis Planetarium. Pictured are twelve AWN presidents. Linda Pike is the third person from the right. Congratulations!


Research Awards
Carl Frieden has received a new five year grant award from from the National Institute on Aging for his research entitled "Alzheimer’s Disease: Defining the apoE-amyloid-beta interaction".

Featured Publications
Pascal, J.M. and Ellenberger, T. The Rise and Fall of poly(ADP-ribose): An Enzymatic Perspective. DNA Repair (E-pub ahead of print.) (2015).