Carl Frieden, Ph.D.

Carl Frieden

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

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Office: 215 McDonnell Science Building
Phone: 314-362-3344
Email: friedenc(at)


Protein folding, aggregation, intrinsically disordered proteins, fluorescence methods, fluorine NMR

Carl Frieden lab research


  • Wang H., Shu Q., Rempel D.L., Frieden C., and Gross M.L.
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  • Wang H., Rempel D.L., Giblin D., Frieden C., and Gross M.L.
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  • Frieden C., Wang H., and Ho C.M.W.
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  • Frieden, C.
    ApoE: the role of conserved residues in defining function.
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  • Garai, K., Verghese, P.B., Baban, B., Holtzman, D.M. and Frieden, C.
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