Carl and Gerty Cori Lecture Archive

2021-04-20 – Dr. Natalie AhnThe importance of protein dynamics for kinase activation and inhibitor design: The case of ERK2 (more…)

2020-11-12 – Tom Rapoport, Ph.D.Mechanism of ER-Associated Protein Degradation (“ERAD”) (more…)

2018-09-25 – Tania A. Baker, PhDAAA+ Unfoldase Motors: Powerful Protein Destroyers and Activators (more…)

Joan Steitz – 11/18/14 – Yale University School of Medicine, CT – Noncoding RNAs: with a viral twist

James A. Spudich – 5/8/13 – Stanford University School of Medicine, CA – The Underlying Molecular Basis of Human Hypertrophic and Dilated Cardiomyopathies

Special Appearance by John H. Exton, Author of “Crucible of Science” – The Story of the Cori Laboratory

James A. Wells – 5/13/11 – UC, San Francisco, CA – Engineering Cells to Death

Arthur Kornberg – 9/21/04 – Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA – The Ten Commandments of Enzymology and the Importance of Inorganic Polyphosphate

In addition to the lecture given by Dr. Kornberg, the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Department was selected by the American Chemical Society as a National Historic Chemical Landmark for the work of Carl and Gerty Cori on carbohydrate metabolism. The dedication ceremony was held on September 21, 2004.

Harry Noller – 4/30/03 – UC, Santa Cruz, CA – Crystal Structure of the Ribosome, and its Interactions with mRNA and tRNA

James Hudspeth – 4/22/02 – Rockefeller University, New York, NY – How the Ear’s Works Work: Mechanoelectrical Transduction and Amplification by Hair Cells

David Eisenberg – 3/14/01 – UCLA, Los Angeles, CA – From Genome Sequences to Protein Interactions

Peter von Hippel – 3/12/97 – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR – Regulatory Mechanism for the Control of Transcription

Frederic M. Richards – 12/13/95 – Yale University, New Haven, CT – Empty Space and the Structure of Proteins

Howard Schachman – 12/7/93 – UC, Berkeley, CA – Formation of Active Enzyme from Defective, Incomplete and Rearranged Polypeptide Chains: Aspartate Trans-carbamylase

Ed Krebs – 4/14/88 – Seattle, WA – Recent Work on Protein Phosphorylation and Signal Transduction