On The Cover of ChemMedChem

janetka cover

ChemMedChem selected Dr. Laurel Mydock-McGrane’s image from the journal article, Antivirulence Isoquinolone Mannosides: Optimization of the Biaryl Aglycone for FimH Lectin Binding Affinity and Efficacy in the Treatment of Chronic UTI, Jarvis, C., Han, Z., Kalas, V., Klein, R., Pinkner, J.S., Ford, B., Binkley, J., Cusumano, C.K., Cusumano, Z., Mydock-McGrane, L., Hultgren, S.J. and Janetka, J. ChemMedChem 11:367-373 (2016) to be on the cover of their February 17th issue. Dr. Mydock-McGrane is in the laboratory of Dr. Jim Janetka.