Jim Janetka’s Paper with David Sibley Highlighted

Congratulations to Drs. Jim Janetka and Amarendar Maddirala, whose publication was selected as the journal cover of the most recent issue of J. Med. Chem, and was the topic of a recent viewpoint entitled “Novel Molecules To Treat Chronic Central Nervous System Toxoplasmosis” by Sandhya Kortagere.

You can read the viewpoint by clicking here (acs.org), and the referenced publication by Dr. Jim Janetka, “Inhibition of Calcium Dependent Protein Kinase 1 (CDPK1) by Pyrazolopyrimidine Analogs Decreases Establishment and Reoccurrence of Central Nervous System Disease by Toxoplasma gondii” by clicking here (nih.gov).