Congratulations to Lindsey Steinberg for Receiving the David F. Silbert Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

The 2015-2016 David F. Silbert Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award goes to Ms. Lindsey Steinberg for her work in the Microbes & Pathogenesis course. Ms. Steinberg was nominated by Dr. Henry Huang. Ms. Steinberg exemplified the spirit of this award through her dedication and lasting contribution to the course, the course master, and the students in the class.

Ms. Lindsey Steinberg is currently an MSTP student in the Biochemistry Graduate Program. She is pursuing her thesis work under the mentorship of Dr. Jeff Henderson in the Department of Internal Medicine. Lindsey’s developing thesis project focuses on the interactions between SCN, urinary metabolites, and bacterial siderophores. She is working to identify the metabolites that form complexes with SCN in physiologic conditions. She is also investigating the ability of different siderophores to either steal iron out of these SCN-Fe(III)-metabolite complexes, or become trapped in the SCN calyx. Better understanding of this system could lead to therapeutic interventions for UTI that improve SCN’s antibiotic activity. This is especially important as we face increasing antibiotic resistance among common urinary pathogens.

Ms. Steinberg will be awarded a cash prize of $250 and will be recognized at the annual awards luncheon on December 6th.

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