Dr. Thomas Kraft Selected to Receive the 2016 Ceil M. DeGutis Prize

Thomas KraftOn June 21, 2016, Dr. Thomas Kraft was selected to receive the 2016 Ceil M. DeGutis Prize in Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry. This award was given in recognition of Dr. Kraft’s significant contribution to the field of Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry.

Dr. Kraft was nominated by his mentor Dr. Paul Hruz for the research that Dr. Kraft did to develop novel tools to investigate the structure and function of the insulin-responsive facilitative glucose transporter GLUT4.

Dr. Thomas Kraft was a DBBS student in the Biochemistry program. After his defense, Dr. Kraft did a very short postdoc in the laboratory of Dr. Xander Barnes in the Department of Chemistry at Washington University. In June, Dr. Kraft accepted a postdoctoral position at Roche Pharma Research and Early Development, Roche Innovation Center in Penzberg, Germany.