Author: Anna Blanchard

2015 Halloween Party

On October 30th, Dr. Peter Burgers’ lab hosted our Halloween Party. Chris Ho was voted best costume and received a gift card to Subway. Lots of fun, pizza and costumes! (more photos)

2015 BCM and CMBP Retreat

Our BCM and CMBP Retreat was held on October 23rd and 24th at Cedar Creek Conference Center. Our keynote speakers were: Drs. Alexander Barnes-Assistant Professor-Chemistry and Peng Yu-Assistant Professor-Cell Biology and Physiology. Dr. Barnes’ talk was entitled: “Using Microwaves to Boost NMR Signals and Determine Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics”. Dr. Yu’s talk was entitled ”Structure and Mechanism of Ligand-Activated Potassium Channels”. Photos…

Talk Winner:
Thomas Kraft – Dr. Paul Hruz Lab

Poster Winner- Post Doc
Kathrin Andrich – Dr. Jan Bieschke Lab

Poster Winner- Student
Chao Wu – Dr. Katherine Henzler-Wildman Lab

Poster Winner- Runners up- Students:
Zeynep Yurtsever – Dr. Thomas Brett Lab
Shannon Ohlemacher – Dr. Jeffrey P. Henderson Lab

2015 MilliporeSigma Fellowship Awarded

Nicole FazioCongratulations to Nicole Fazio for being selected for the 2015 MilliporeSigma Fellowship in memory of Dr. Gerty Cori. Nicole is a graduate student in the Computational and Molecular Biophysics program. She is doing her PhD thesis work in the lab of Dr. Timothy Lohman. The MilliporeSigma award provides funds for educational expenses.

MilliporeSigma Chemical Company created the fellowship in 1958 as a gift to the Department of Biological Chemistry (now Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) in memory of Dr. Gerty Cori. Dr. Cori and her husband, Dr. Carl Cori, performed research in the Department of Biological Chemistry. They won a Nobel Prize in 1947 for their discoveries of how glycogen is broken down and re-synthesized within the body. More.

Gary K. Ackers Fellow Named

Brittany SmithCongratulations to Brittany Smith who has been named the 2015 Gary K. Ackers Fellow. Brittany is a first-year graduate student in the Computational and Molecular Biophysics program. She is currently doing a rotation in the lab of Dr. Greg Bowman. The Ackers Fellowship award provides funds for educational expenses. (more…)

Welcome Picnic

welcome bbq 2 rev
On August 20th, we held our Annual Joint Departmental and Graduate Program BBQ for the new graduate students starting this fall in the programs of Biochemistry and Computational & Molecular Biophysics. Everyone enjoyed food, drinks and games in Forest Park.

Dr. Michael Greenberg joins Department

The Department welcomes Dr. Michael Greenberg, who started as an Assistant Professor on August 1. The Greenberg lab focuses on the generation and transduction of forces by molecular motors, with an emphasis on human disease. The lab uses an array of biochemical, biophysical, and cell biological techniques to probe the function and regulation of these motors over a range of scales that extends from single molecules to tissues. Currently, the lab is studying the molecular basis of heart failure.

Dr. Joshua Sokoloski – ACS Fellowship

Joshua SokoloskiDr. Joshua Sokoloski in Dr. Timothy Lohman’s lab has been awarded a two year postdoctoral fellowship from the American Cancer Society for his research entitled “Helicase-driven reorganization of single strand DNA binding proteins on DNA”.

2015 David F. Silbert Summer Fellowship

Two WU Medical Students Awarded the David F. Silbert Summer Fellowship

This summer two medical students were awarded the David F. Silbert Summer Fellowship. Congratulations to Brooke Liang and Angus Toland!

booke liang
Brooke Liang worked in Dr. Russell Pachynski’s laboratory on a project entitled “Evaluation of the Leukocyte Chemoattractant Receptor CMKLR1 on T Cells”. (more…)


angus toland
Angus Toland worked in Dr. Doug Chalker’s laboratory on a project entitled “A Conserved Amino Acid Motif in Lia3 is Required for Binding to G Quadruplex DNA”. (more…)

Dr. Carl Frieden’s Portrait Unveiling

On June 5, 2015 the department held a Reception to unveil a portrait of Professor Carl Frieden. The reception was held to recognize Dr. Frieden’s accomplishments and service to our department, Washington University and the scientific community. More photos

Dr. Frieden is also featured in the Snapshots section of the June 15th issue of “The Record”. more photos