Author: Anna Blanchard

CBSE Graduate Student Scholar – Maxwell Zimmerman

Maxwell Zimmerman, Computational & Molecular Biophysics student in the laboratory of Dr. Greg Bowman, has been selected as a 2016-2017 CBSE Graduate Student Scholar. Maxwell was recognized for the early promise he has shown in the development of novel sampling algorithms that are aiding feature-based sampling of high dimensional conformational spaces.

Maxwell has also been selected as a three year Monsanto Fellow which will allow him a unique opportunity to interact with Monsanto scientists in a variety of venues.

RNA Society News

Congratulations to Dr. Kathleen Hall. She was chosen to be a board member of the RNA Society in the recent elections for president and members of the board for 2017-2018. Dr. Juan Valcarcel (Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain) was chosen as President. Other new board members include: Drs. Haruhiko Siomi (Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan) and Chris Smith (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom).

New Drug Development Center Created at Washington University


Michael S. Kinch and John A. Cooper, MD, PhD, professor and head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, will serve as co-directors of the new Center for Drug Discovery (CDD). The CDD will fill the void in developing drugs that have been abandoned due to market pressures. More…

2016 NSF Graduate Fellowship Recipient – Yansel Nuñez

yansel nunezYansel Nuñez was recently awarded an NSF graduate fellowship. Yansel received a B.S. in biology from Seton Hall University. After graduation, he spent a year working at the NIH in their Intramural Research Training program. In 2014, he matriculated at Washington University in the Molecular Cell Biology graduate program. He joined Dr. Linda Pike’s laboratory where his thesis research focuses on EGF receptor structure and function.

On the Back Cover of ChemMedChem


ChemMedChem selected Dr. Laurel Mydock-McGrane’s image from the journal article, alpha-Ketobenzothiazole Serine Protease Inhibitors of Aberrant HGF/c-MET and MSP/RON Kinase Pathway Signaling in Cancer. Han, Z., Harris, P.K.W., Karmakar, P., Kim, T., Owusu, B.Y., Wildman, S.A., Klampfer, L. and Janetka, J.W. ChemMedChem 11:640 (2016) to be on the back cover of their March 17th issue. Dr. Mydock-McGrane is in the laboratory of Dr. Jim Janetka.

On The Cover of ChemMedChem

janetka cover

ChemMedChem selected Dr. Laurel Mydock-McGrane’s image from the journal article, Antivirulence Isoquinolone Mannosides: Optimization of the Biaryl Aglycone for FimH Lectin Binding Affinity and Efficacy in the Treatment of Chronic UTI, Jarvis, C., Han, Z., Kalas, V., Klein, R., Pinkner, J.S., Ford, B., Binkley, J., Cusumano, C.K., Cusumano, Z., Mydock-McGrane, L., Hultgren, S.J. and Janetka, J. ChemMedChem 11:367-373 (2016) to be on the cover of their February 17th issue. Dr. Mydock-McGrane is in the laboratory of Dr. Jim Janetka.

On the Cover of Molecular Biology of the Cell

cover for John Cooper
The Molecular Biology of the Cell selected M. Hunter Lanier’s image from the journal article, CARMIL2 is a Novel Molecular Connection Between Vimentin and Actin Essential for Cell Migration and Invadopodia Formation, Lanier, M.H., Kim, T. and Cooper, J.A. Mol Biol Cell. 26:4577-4588 (2015) to be on the cover of their December 15th issue. M. Hunter Lanier is in the laboratory of Dr. John Cooper.

2015 Holiday Party

On December 7th, we held our Holiday Party in the King Center located within the Bernard Becker library. Fun, food, Santa and trivia! Trivia winners this year are: Eric Galburt, Ana Ruiz-Manzano, Jay Rammohan & Eric and Kimberly Tomko. (Photos)

Dr. Linda Pike Receives Distinguished Service Teaching Award

On October 27th, the medical students held a ceremony to honor the faculty that exhibited exemplary teaching skills from the 2014-2015 school year. Dr. Linda Pike is the course master for the first year students’ Molecular Foundations of Medicine course. Congratulations Dr. Pike!